WW4DX Review | OM Power OM2500HF

I’ve owned this amplifier (purchased new) for close to 2 years now. Purchased this amp to replace my aging Emtron DX-2SP amplifier. Due the the closure of Emtron Amplifiers, I was becoming concerned about future servicing of the DX-2SP. I had looked at Alpha, Acom, Ameritron, ICOM, OM Power, and Yaesu, of which all manufacture fine amplifiers. After deciding I wanted to remain with a tube amplifier, that narrowed the field down a little more. Was either going to be an Alpha or an OM Power.

After doing a lot of research, I decided on the OM Power OM2500HF and have be very pleased. Working with Jay at Array Solutions was a pleasure. Being a previous customer I knew how they operated. During several phone conversations with Jay, he answered all of my questions and knowing I was was happy with the performance of the DX-2SP, suggested I take a close look at the OM2500HF. I did. I liked the specs. I ordered. It arrived in about 3 weeks directly from OM Power.

Amplifier arrived extremely well packed, and with zero shipping damages (DHL). Installation was similar most other desktop amplifiers, except the OM2500HF required a pair of 240V lines, which was of no issue in my shack. The amplifier construction and attention to detail of the OM2500HF is second to none. Tuning is the same as other ceramic tetrode tube amplifiers, however the TUNE setting feature of the amplifier simplifies this procedure even more. As for the RF power output, the OM2500HF exceeded all of my expectations. I of course do all tuning and testing into a Palstar DL5K dummy load, so not to cause any QRM on the air. Speaking of dummy loads, if you own an amp, yet not a dummy load, answer me why not? Reaching full legal output limit with the amplifier takes less than 25 watts on most bands. I’m not one of those who have a desire to run full legal limit (but wish to have the ability to do so), found that around 12 to 15 watts of drive on most bands produces around 1KW of output power. Which IMO is more than enough. If you can’t be heard with 1KW output on the ham bands, you need to take a close look at your antenna system! A bigger amplifier is not your solution. The reason I prefer an amp with higher gain is that I can drive it lower, and not produce a lot of heat and stress on the amplifier, and all other components.

On-air reports have all been positive. Amp is producing a very clean signal according to those who have looked at it on a scope. Zero comments of having any distortion, or having a wide signal. Tuning is simple and quick. Quality looks to be second to none. If I need any support Array Solutions is a phone call away.

I have made one modification (see photo below) to the chassis of the amplifier. The exhaust of the amplifier is on the top left rear of the chassis. This placed the exhaust a little close to one of mic positions, so I simply added a plastic flange, and ducting tubing to direct the exhaust away from my mic. Total cost of this mod was less than $30.00 and there are ZERO permanent mods to the chassis in any way. All the ducting was purchased at my local Home Depot.

If you are in the market for an amp with plenty of headroom, quality construction, ease of tuning, and support after the sale, I recommend you take a look at the offerings from OM Power, and give Jay at Array Solution a call.

73 WW4DX

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