External speakers

Looking for a pair of external speakers that will provide a wider range of response, look good, and not break the bank? Checkout the offerings Blackweb. Found mine at Walmart, but are available on-line as well.

I was looking for a pair of desktop computer speakers to use with my SDRplay receiver, and needed to meet a few requirements. Had to have a volume plus treble/bass control on the front, headphone/earbud output jack on the front as well, and be internally amplified. Did a little research and most consumers seemed to be please with the Blackweb. Took a chance a purchased a pair at my local Walmart, knowing I could easily return if they did not meet my needs.

Connected them up, and was very pleased with the sound reproduction. However the BIG TEST was going to be internal shielding. Would a full legal limit signal from my station cause them to go berserk? The answer was no, they did not go berserk. Can’t give all the credit to the speaker shielding though, because I did take extra steps to insure good station RF grounding when I moved my radio equipment to a newly remodeled room in my homes basement.

I have been so pleased with these inexpensive speakers, I returned to Walmart and purchased a 2nd pair, to supplement the current Yaesu SP-2000 connected to my FTDX5000MP. So far, no regrets.


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