FCC Petition RM-11834 + RM-11835

Edward C. Borghi, KB2E, of Farmington, New York, has submitted a Petition, now designated as RM-11834, that would prohibit applicants from requesting a vanity call sign outside their call sign district. Exceptions would be made for call signs applied for under rules governing call signs previously held by family members.

“In some more populous areas, there are few of the most desirable vanity calls signs available — the 2 and 6 regions for example,” Borghi said. “I see no reason for a licensee to have to compete with out-of-area people for the few 1 × 2 or 2 × 1 or catchy 2 × 3 call signs available in their area of residence,” Borghi told the FCC.

In a similar petition, Jeffrey Bail, NT1K, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, has submitted a very similar Petition, now designated as RM-11835, asking that the FCC give residential preference in competing applications to applicants whose listed FCC address is within the same district/region as the applied call sign. He cites limited availability and increased demand for 1 × 2 and 2 × 1 call signs.

“There are many times a call sign has been awarded to an individual/club who resides outside of the call sign district when there are other people who applied for the same call sign that reside within the district,” he said in his brief petition.

Personally I like these petitions. Amateurs who apply and receive receive a vanity call outside their call district circumvent the purpose of the call area. This usually occurs when the amateur is seeking a call sign that has their name initials as part of the call.


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