System Fusion / WIRES-X

Is growing in the Hickory, NC area. We now have 2 System Fusion repeaters on air, one with WIRES-X enabled in Catawba County, with a future System Fusion repeater slated to be installed near Granite Falls, NC in Caldwell County soon. After dabbling around with DMR, D-Star, and System Fusion, in my opinion System Fusion is the clear winner, with D-Star a close second. The accessing of ‘rooms’ on WIRES-X, is easier than with D-Star is what placed System Fusion/WIRES-X on top for me. As for DMR, I’ll pass. Yeah it’s cheap, however DMR was designed as a commercial system, and it’s not amateur radio friendly, as I discovered from my past experience. Your mileage may vary, but for the time being System Fusion (WIRES-X) and D-Star as far as amateur usage goes, are the clear winners.


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