Yaesu FTDX101MP

Very nice transceiver. Since the 2019 Hamcation in Orlando, I have been considering stepping up to one. However the more I investigate the differences in my FTDX5000MP I’m beginning to understand the FTDX101MP isn’t the upgrade I was expecting it to be. First off, a band scope means absolutely nothing to me. I have a SDRPplay connected to the 9mHz output of my FTDX5000MP and found I never use the SDRPplay as a band scope. Never. I consider band scopes bait to hook hams into spending money for a feature that in reality does not enhance the performance of the receiver. A band scope is just a shinny object in the water, designed to get your attention. Front panel real estate on the FTDX101MP has been greatly reduced to make room for the 7 inch LCD, thus several of the controls that I constantly use, are now stuffed into the menu system. Not an ideal design for my operating style. Now I discover that the FTDX101MP will not operate in Class A. I’m one of those who strive to have the cleanest transmitted signal possible, and I operate exclusively in Class A when using my OM Power HF2500 amplifier to achieve such.

My conclusion. I’ve been going back and forth for months if I should sell my FTDX5000MP, and purchase the FTDX101MP. After doing additional research and going through the the FTDX101MP manual, I just don’t see enough difference in these 2 rigs that justify the several thousand dollars difference. In one aspect, I’d be going backwards. Make no mistake about it, I like the FTDX101MP. It’s a fine piece of amateur radio gear. If I were using the Yaesu FTDX1200 or FTDX3000, the FTDX101MP would be a huge step forward. However that’s not where I’m at. Maybe I’ll re-visit this after the FTDX102MP is released.

Yaesu FTDX5000MP


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