2 thoughts on “Rest in peace little buddy”

  1. Hey Mark…I’m sorry about Mudbone. Looks like it happened recently. We love our dog friends. Very hard to lose one.

    Heard you on C4FM – Dwayne’s (Hickory) repeater about a week ago and chatted with Don, KN4RA tonight and he mentioned you. Don seems to be a really nice guy.

    Take care and hope to catch you on the C4FM repeater at some point.


    Bryan, W4HLD

    1. Thanks for the kind words. Our little buddy was with us for a little over 16 years.

      Known KN4RA for several years. Convinced him to try C4FM a while back. He’s enjoying the new mode. I’m mainly use mine with a hot spot to keep in touch with WZ4C when he’s on the road. Works great.


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