A little morning practice

Yardage was 245 from my firing position.
Rifle is a Ruger Precision Rimfire bolt action in 22LR.
Optic is a Vortex Diamondback Tactical 4-12X.
Ammo is CCI AR-Tactical 22LR.

Rifle is zeroed at 50 yards. In order to engage at 245 yards, had to dial up 124 clicks of elevation, and 2 clicks of left windage to account for the spin drift.

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5 thoughts on “A little morning practice”

    1. Yeah fits my preferred style of shooting. Have 2 separate rifle ranges is also a big plus. So when we have rifle matches, those not taking part in the match still have a rifle range to fire on.

  1. Awesome pics, WWD4X; I’m re-painting house trim and door molding and don’t think photos of that would compare much to yours (which I like better!) so, I’ll choose to live vicariously through your range updates, haha … of course, “Hey!” to SQ!

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