Over pressure? Hot loads?

Actually, No. When the bolt was designed a slightly over-sized firing pin hole was implemented, with the theory being better reliability. Especially for a battle rifle. I can say this. All of my DPMS Gen 2 308’s have been very reliable. Even the one I converted into a 6.5 Creedmoor. The ONLY issue I have ever experienced is with mags. The Gen 2 rifles love Lancer mags. Magpul, not so much.

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One thought on “Over pressure? Hot loads?”

  1. Interesting. Imagunnahavetuh inspect my Federal cases next time I have my DPMS GII MOE out. 7.62×51 in a rifle that only weighs 6.75lbs stock is a happy recipe and I have YOU to THANK for turning me onto the secret sauce of the Lancer mags. (It p*sses me off to no end that DPMS CONTINUES to ship their factory new GII rifles with those MagPul mags KNOWING those MagPul mags are gonna choke their GII rifles and the real salt-in-the-wound is learning they routinely tell customers calling with complaints of failures to feed, “Oh, you need to go ahead and buy one of our proprietary DPMS .308 mags, then.” Question: If DPMS makes the rifle; DPMS knows the MagPul mags they send are going to choke in their gun AND DPMS (according go to their customer service) makes a mag “they know” will work in the GII, why not just send those “DPMS mags” with the GII’s, instead of the MagPuls? I can’t say enough good things about the DPMS GII platform reliability and accuracy and quality. The “geniuses” at DPMS who continue to shoot DPMS in the foot, effectively robbing themselves from leading the industry with their game-changer GII platform, not so much.
    Hey, THANKS AGAIN for turning me on to success with the Lancer mags – no one in my family EVER needs gift ideas for me any longer: Lancer Warfighter 7.62×51 mags all the way!!!!! 🙂

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