FTDX101MP (one week of ownership)

I have warmed up to the new rig. It’s going to be a keeper for sure. Several folks have asked me to compare the receivers of my FTDX5000MP and the FTDX101MP. Honestly, if there is a difference, I haven’t found it. Yeah I know the FTDX101MP has better figures in a lab. However we don’t operate our stations in a lab. In my REAL WORLD testing my FTDX5000MP receives just as well as the FTDX101MP. What I have decided to do is keep both on the bench. The FTDX5000MP IMO is a better rig for DX’ing, and contesting. Yeah, I still enjoy some limited contest work. The FTDX101MP is going to be my Rag Chew rig. I’m considering in adding either a pre-owned Yaesu Quadra amp, or the Palstar LA-1K amp. The OM Power OM2500HF will be used with the FTDX5000MP.

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