Sena 50S. Sucked at first. Now sucks a lot less.

I was an early adopter of rider to rider comms on motorcycles. I saw the benefit of being able to communicate with others while riding, without having to use some goofy assed hand signals. Besides that, having the ability to wirelessly stream GPS directions and music into my helmet, was a huge plus, since the wife and I enjoy longer rides than most.

The Sena 50 was the 5th generation of Sena motorcycle communication device I had purchased. As usual Sena had to experience some rather painful growing pains, until they made some improvements, before finally getting it mostly right. I will say firmware version 1.0.8 did address several of the shortcomings the 50S had (in my configuration) that worked mostly flawlessly with the 20S EVO.

The wife and I (she rides her own) put the Sena 50S devices through some rigorous testing last week. Sue does like the Group Mesh comms where she does not have to manually connect to me. Once I found the sweet spot for the VOX settings, the 50S devices functioned quite acceptable. Perfect? No. However much better than the previous firmware.

The main issue with the 50S was the Audio Multi-Tasking. The 50S had a very difficult time performing this function properly with the Sena SR-10. I spoke with the Sena techs on several occasions concerning this shortcoming, and they did address the issues, making very good progress. As it stands now, the 50S are our go to devices.

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