Is the G5RV wire dipole antenna a very good multi-band HF antenna?

Bottom line is no, it’s not. 

The designer Louis Varney G5RV designed this antenna as a 20 meter resonate dipole. Unfortunately the G5RV has been mislabeled as a efficient effective multi-band wire dipole which it is not. The extreme mismatch when used on other bands with a transmatch, in conjunction when using coaxial cable cause the power loss to be out of site. A misuse of the original design.

Recent marketing ploys of the G5RV Jr and G5RV Sr are laughable at best. A perfect marketing strategy aimed at the lazy ham looking for the easy way out, instead of the better way that requires more effort. 

Little do these uninformed amateurs realize by simply removing the lossy coaxial cable, and replacing it with a non resonate length of open wire, then extending the dipole length from 102 ft to 135 ft, or 270 ft, the effectiveness and efficiency greatly increase. 

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