Taking the Low Rider and The Deuce out today

A beautiful Sunday morning ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Nothing is better than this.

This was Sue’s first triple digit mileage ride on the Dyna Low Rider since purchasing it, and making many changes. She likes the old skool look, and wind in her face on a cruiser. I of course was on my Softail Deuce. Love the Deuce. The Deuce has a 88CI with a carb, and nothing, I mean nothing sounds as sweet as a 88 CI Twin Cam with a carb..

We saddled up around 10AM for our ride to the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance in Blowing Rock. Once on the BRP, noticed the temps were lower. Felt good. Got settled in, tuned in some classic rock with the Sena 20S EVO’s on our 3/4 helmets. We have several helmets, all with Sena comms units, and depending on where we’re riding, dictates which lid we use. For this ride, the 3/4’s were the ticket.

Decided that we’d like to ride to Freeborne’s Eatery in Laurel Springs, NC and have lunch. Freeborne’s is a very popular motorcyclist destination on this section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was gonna be about a hours ride on the BRP, so we settled in, enjoyed the ride, the scenery, and the classic rock music while headed north. Was a very relaxing ride.

Pulled in to Freeborne’s around 12:15PM, and there was already a sea of Milwaukee Iron, lining the road in front of the joint. We added our iron to the sea, and headed inside. Ahh. The smell of leather, and the aroma of American cuisine filled the air. This was gonna be a great day. Found our way over to a table next to the main window facing Hwy 18, so we could see the bikes, and the riders as they arrived.

One thing I ‘ll say about folks who ride Harley’s, we don’t care what your profession is, how much money you make, what your skin tone is, what your religion is (if any), politics, or any other social status is. We are a brotherhood with one thing in common. We love the freedom that riding a Harley brings to us, and that brings us together as one family. Now back to the regular scheduled programming.. LOL

Knowing the portions served at Freeborne’s are HUGE, Sue and I decided to split an order, of whatever she wanted. As always she nailed the selection, and our short wait began. As we were waiting I asked Sue if she had any complaints with the new bike, or the upgrades. None. The bike is performing flawlessly, and she is excited that she now has a choice to ride either her Low Rider, or her Road King. Bikes on opposite ends of the spectrum. Similar to my Deuce and Street Glide. We now have the best of both worlds.

The food arrived, and as always it was perfect! Wow this is a lot of food, and splitting the order was the correct decision. We have never been disappointed with the food, or service at Freeborne’s. Never. If in the area, strongly suggest stopping in.

Finished our meal, and discussed about the ride off the mountain. Decided to head south on Hwy 18, back into North Wilkesboro, then stopping by CrossRoads Harley-Davidson for a few minutes. Did exactly as planned, and was back home later that afternoon. Was a great ride, along with fantastic food at Freeborne’s. Living the dream.

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