All of that hype

about Polaris (manufacture the fake Indian motorcycle) giving Harley-Davidson a run for it’s money is falling flat on it’s face, exactly as I expected. From what I’m reading, Polaris is suffering from some major quality control issues. Paint, electrical (ECM), suspension and other issues are coming to light. With that being said, keep in mind there are very few fake Indian motorcycle authorized warranty service locations throughout the United States as compared to Harley-Davidson, that can take care of these issues. Unless you have a fake Indian motorcycle dealership in your area, you best have a trailer available to haul it in for service. Read the fake Indian motorcycle forums, and you’ll quickly realize the problems.

Some have contacted me and ask me why I keep referring to the bike as the fake Indian motorcycle. I do because it is. Hendee manufacturing company (the real Indian Motorcycle, and I’d LOVE to own one) went belly up in 1953. Since then Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, and maybe others have slapped an Indian badge on their offerings and called it an Indian. Those were no more of an Indian motorcycle, just like what Polaris is producing and calling it a Indian. It’s a damn fake.

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