Back Of The Dragon Ride coming up soon!

Been looking forward to this ride for a month. Hwy 16 north of Marion, Virginia, aka Back Of The Dragon. Sue and I have ridden that stretch of Hwy 16 several times. 32 miles of curves, over 3 mountain tops, with some scenic views, unlike Tail Of The Dragon in NC/TN.

On this ride I will be accompanied by Dale, Tim, and Ben. We’re meeting up in Morganton and heading to Lenoir, then onto Hwy 321 toward Boone, NC, then onto Shady Valley Tennessee via Hwy 421. Aka “The Snake”. Another curvy route from Mountain City, Tn over toward Bristol, Tn. From there we cut-over toward Damascus, Va, onto Hwy 58 east to Hwy 16 north. Kinda of a round-about way to Hwy 16, considering Hwy 16 is less than 10 miles from my home!

Once we ride Back Of The Dragon, we’ll be making our way over a Tazewell, Va for dinner, then over to Richlands, Va where we’ll spend the night. The following morning we’re planning riding over to West Virginia for breakfast, then take some nice curvy mountain roads back south to the Blue Ridge Parkway, then on back to the barn. Nothing, I mean nothing beats traveling these curvy mountain roads on 2 wheels.

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