My review of the Yaesu FTDX101MP

I’ve owned the FTDX101MP for about 7 months now. As the owner of a FTDX5000MP I feel I can make a reasonable review of the FTDX101MP, especially as compared to my FTDX5000MP.

Receiver. As compared to my FTDX5000MP receiver, I’d say my FTDX101MP receiver is slightly better. However not big a leap above my FTDX5000MP, which has a fine receiver its self. I’m very aware of lab test results of the FTDX101MP receiver, however I operate both rigs in a real world setting. Not in a lab.

Transmitter. Again compared to my FTDX5000MP, no major difference, EXCEPT the FTDX5000MP does have a Class A transmitter option. Not so on the FTDX101MP. When operating with a external amplifier, I do use the Class A option on the FTDX5000MP.

Ergonomics/Front Panel Controls. The winner is the FTDX5000MP. A much easier rig to quickly change settings on the fly. However, once you get your settings dialed in, the FTDX101MP is just fine. I just became spoiled with the ease of transceiver adjustments from the front panel of the FTDX5000MP. If you’re into contest, the FTDX5000MP is a better option for you.

Physical size. The FTDX101MP is slightly smaller than the FTDX5000MP. However keep in mind the power supply is included in the external speaker for the FTDX101MP. Once you add that into the mix, the FTDX101MP is a little larger than the FTDX5000MP, without an external speaker. If you add the Yaesu SP-2000 external speaker to either side of the FTDX5000MP, it then becomes the larger of the 2.

Appearance, hands down the winner is the FTDX101MP. The large touch screen LCD is a thing of beauty. Very sharp, very responsive to the touch. The band scope is fantastic.

Firmware updates. Again the winner is the FTDX101MP. So simple as compared the FTDX5000MP, which is a pain in the ass.

Overall I feel Yaesu has a winner with the FTDX101MP. I’m so fortunate to have both the FTDX101MP and the FTDX5000MP, and enjoy both. I found that if I’m DX’ing, I prefer the FTDX5000MP. If taking part in rag chews, I prefer the FTDX101MP.

Bottom line is, I have no regret with the purchase of the FTDX101MP. If you’re in a position to pick one up, I highly suggest to give it a close look.