The REAL reason some hams don’t like Yaesu HF transceivers

I’ve heard several say this, so there is truth in it.

In order to operate the (higher end HF Yaesu) transceivers, you need to read the owners manual first.

I totally agree with this statement. That’s the reason the first item you see when you open the product container, is the owners manual. The higher end Yaesu transceivers have loads of great features, and if you’re not accustom to those features, without reading, and understanding the owners manual, you’ll not enjoy the transceiver to its fullest potential. However many hams are too lazy to read the owners manual, try to figure out the features for themselves, get frustrated, then bad mouth the product. It’s not the product is lacking, it’s the lazy hams lack of motivation. It’s just much easier for the lazy ham to bitch and moan, rather than to learn.

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