QSL info for WW4DX

I only QSL via The Logbook Of the World (ARRL), and the Logbook at QRZ.COM. I work all stations, but mainly log DX only.

I no longer send paper QSL cards via the Postal Service or a QSL Bureau.
If you wish for me to have one of yours, that is fine. Mail it directly to me.

If you MUST have my card, go here > https://cdn-bio.qrz.com/x/ww4dx/ww4dxqslcard.png?p=fef8a28d2e9ce67b604fc9cf7d6e0555 download the image. Then fill it in (honestly).

You can see my latest DX contacts by following this link https://logbook.qrz.com/lbstat/WW4DX/

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