After selling my Yaesu FTDX5000MP last year, and focusing on my Yaesu FTDX101MP, I now have a better grasp on how much superior the FTDX101MP is, as compared to the FTDX5000MP.

For a conventional transceiver, the FTDX5000MP is very good. However what Yaesu has developed with the FTDX101MP, well there is no comparison the FTDX5000MP. The receiver of the FTDX101MP is leaps and bounds ahead of the FTDX5000MP. The filtering, and noise reduction is vastly superior as well. Ergonomically it took a little getting used to the front panel of the FTDX101MP, however after using the FTDX101MP exclusively, I now prefer the layout over the FTDX5000MP. I work a lot of DX, and often the DX station I’m working is using the split frequency method. Accessing the second VFO, and getting it up for either receiving, or transmitting is breeze. The controls that Yaesu is offering on the FTDX101MP, are the ones you are really going to use on a daily basis. The FTDX5000MP, did have more knobs and switches on the front panel, however many were seldom used. Yaesu really cleaned up the front panel controls on the FTDX101MP, over the FTDX5000MP.

The display of the FTDX101MP is fantastic. I have found I prefer the 3DSS band scope, over the traditional waterfall configuration. However, it does take a little getting used to. Another great feature of the FTDX101MP is that the display is also a touch screen, with access to several often used controls. If you take in consideration of the number of controls available on the display in addition to the standard mechanical controls, the FTDX101MP has basically the same amount of front panel control options as the FTDX5000MP.

In conclusion, do I miss the FTDX5000MP? Well yes. It was with me for quite a while, and I enjoyed operating it. Would I purchase another one? No. Outdated technology. Glad I moved on to bigger and better things.