First 35mm camera I purchased circa 1976

I had began working at a photography color lab owned by a family friend in late 1975. Around October 1975, cause I remember that my mom or dad would pick me up around 530PM, due to being a month away from getting my drivers license and driving my own car. A small block 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle.

Anyhow, I quickly discovered I enjoyed photography (especially since I could now process my own film, and make some prints at no charge), after learning the ropes. I just needed a camera! Of course making minimum wage, and that limited my choices.

After saving up for several months, I remember going to Brendle’s (a local chain catalog showroom store), and purchasing my first real camera. It was an entry level model, that I used extensively. A Richo SLX 500. A very basic, simple camera, that really produced some nice photos!

I actually used that camera until around 1983, until it finally failed, and wasn’t worth the cost of repair. That camera was replaced with a Canon AE-1 Program, that I still have today! I remember Sue (my wife as of 1982) and I went to our local JC Penny retail store and purchased the Canon. Shortly afterwards I disposed of the Richo SLX 500. I have always regretted disposing of that old Richo camera. Working or not, wish I would have kept it. Oh well.

Fast forward to 2023. I began looking one eBay for Richo SLX 500. Found many. Found one that is in great condition, and purchased it last week. It arrived yesterday, and is bringing back some fond memories. Gonna place it on the shelf along side of that old Canon AE-1 Program…

This is the actual camera I received… Much much nicer than I expected….