Shortwave Radio Receiver

Interested in tuning into shortwave radio broadcast, but don’t have the gear? Not interested in purchasing a desktop radio? There is an alternative.

How about something around the size of a deck of poker cards that connects to your PC. Receives from 1kHz to 2gHz. In non technical terms, it will receive just about anything! No Internet connection required. Shortwave, ham, police, fire, AM + FM commercial, etc. Not complicated at all. Opens an entire new world for information. Does require a very simple antenna, which can be just a very small single piece of wire connected to it. I own one myself, and they work extremely well, and are very easy to use. The Windows software to operate the device is a free download.

Video on the operation of the device. Take note of the privacy warning.

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Granted, Jones can get whacky. Some of the stuff he says is off the wall bullshit. Yeah he’s pushing his supplements to make $$$. You don’t have to purchase them. Capitalism. What’s wrong with that? However he does report a lot of factual information that the main stream media ignores, or doesn’t want you to know about. It’s up to the listener to separate bullshit from fact. If you do not possess that ability, I suggest you do not listen to the broadcast.

Shortwave broadcast
Sunday WWCR 9.350mHz @ 5:00PM (ET)
Monday – Friday WWCR 12.160mHz @ 12:00PM (ET) LIVE
Monday – Friday WWCR 4.840mHz @ 10:00PM (ET)

Dayton Hamvention Signs 5-Year Contract with Greene County Expo Center


The Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) has signed a 5-year agreement to keep Dayton Hamvention® at the Greene County Expo Center. The agreement was announced on September 9 by Hamvention General Chairman Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT.

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30 years ago | HUGO

Remember HUGO like it was yesterday. Learned many valuable lessons from this experience. Mainly be well prepared. Which we were not. There is no way a hurricane would come through Hickory, NC. We’re too far inland. Bullshit. One did as a Cat 1. I guess we were one of the luckier ones. The only property damage we suffered was to the rotor on the 90ft tower, and tree limbs on our roof and in our yard. Just up the street and behind us, some very large oak trees came down. Several homes in our area were heavily damaged. Several trees came down across the streets, trapping up inside our neighborhood for a short while. Having no power, no idea when it would be restored, and having an a infant daughter, our focus turned to her. As soon as we were freed from being trapped we got her to my parents in Morganton who did not suffer the damage as did Catawba and Alexander counties. They had electricity. She would be well cared for while we recovered.

It was many days before electricity was restored here and things began to return to normal, or as normal to be expected after going through a hurricane in the foothills of NC. I had never really thought about how dependent we were upon the normal infrastructure (electricity, phone, grocery stores, etc), until HUGO. Trust me. Lesson learned.