I have owned a slew of

riding jackets, and now have found my favorite of all. The Harley-Davidson Metonga Switchback Lite Riding Jacket.

For my riding adventures, this is going to be my go to jacket. No longer will I need to carry a standard jacket, along with a mesh jacket for those days when it starts out cool, then warms quite a bit.

For summer riding zip open the panels to expose the mesh vents and keep cool, while maintaining a decent level of protection.

Spring and Fall, close the panels and enjoy the mid-level temps this time of years brings.

Winter, use my Gerbing heated jacket liner, and continue enjoying motorcycling while most others have their rides connected to a battery tender.

The jacket has extra abrasion panels, plus pockets for installation of additional impact resistant pads.

Harley knocked it out of park with this one…


Asheville H-D, and the ride afterwards

Stacy, Dale, Tim, Sue, and I attended the end of summer event at Asheville Harley-Davidson Saturday. Home of the Smoky Mountain HOG Chapter. Harley-Davidson dealerships, unlike most metric and fake Indian (Polaris) dealerships, typically host social events throughout the year. Yes, these events are designed to sell bikes and merchandise for the dealer, but with a twist. Usually free food (donations accepted), live music, multi-vendor service, etc. The event yesterday was great. Thank you Asheville Harley-Davidson!

Afterwards we took off for a ride on one of the best routes in NC. The Blue Ridge Parkway. We entered the Parkway in Asheville and rode it North to Hwy 221, stopping along the way so too enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Once we reached Hwy 221, we rode the curves back down into Marion, NC and made our way home. Several hundred miles, and many hours in the saddle. What a rush…