If close by, ride this section of

107 in Tennessee and 226 in North Carolina…

Tim and I took this route back to Marion from Johnson City Tennessee yesterday, and it was the right choice. Good pavement, very little traffic, nice curves, switchbacks, and some decent scenery. Watch out for deer!

We entered Hwy 107 from exit 32 on I-26. Once you crossover into N.C., the Hwy becomes 226. Tim recognized the area once we rode several miles. Was my first time on this section of Hwy 226. Will be riding this one again!

The Deuce

Placed it in storage in 2017. Started engine every 60 or so days to keep the blood flowing. 2 weeks ago decided to begin riding this one locally once again. 15 years ago 500 miles a day on this one was a piece of cake. However I have the Street Glide for those rides. The Deuce along with Sues Low Rider is bringing back a lot of fond memories.

Huntsville Hamfest

The hamfest wraps up today. Many of the major vendors attend this show. New, used, and abused equipment on display. Like any other hamfest some deals, and some overpriced, over worked gear available for purchase. According to many this hamfest has rapidly become one of the must attend hamfest in the southeastern United States.

First ride on the Road King

Tim and I took off on a short ride down to Lake Lure Friday morning. Was his first ride on his beautiful Harley-Davidson Road King. We stopped at a local favorite, Lured Market & Grill for lunch. Was fantastic. Staff was great, and so was the food. We’ll be making this a regular stop.


After lunch continued on through Chimney Rock then proceeded on Hwy 74A on our way to Asheville. Hwy 74A has some nice curves and switchbacks just prior of entering Fairway, which makes it a favorite! Anyhow, once we reached I-40 rode to Asheville H-D to hangout for a few mins, and check out the bikes. They had a Pan American. Damn, wish I was 30 years younger! No Harley tax paid today, so back to Tim’s home to call it a day. While there we installed his highway pegs on the RK. Those are going to make a huge difference for him on longer runs. Great day.

The glare from the sun was unavoidable.