Volunteer Monitoring procedures

Here is a breakdown of the Volunteer Monitor Program functions:

Identifies technical and operating discrepancies.

Reports to and refers cases to the ARRL HQ VM program coordinator.

Sends VM advisory notices through ARRL HQ VM program coordinator.

May function as a member of a Local Interference Committee (with no special standing).

Collects evidence under the supervision of the ARRL HQ program coordinator.

No longer does the amateur monitoring the alleged rule violation, send the offending station a notice. All case are vetted through the ARRL HQ VM program coordinator.


ARRL/FCC Volunteer Monitoring

program is slated to begin next month. This program is to take the place of the expiring Official Observer program. The ARRL and the FCC have been working on this program for the past 2 years in preparation for this transition. The VM program administrator will be K4ZDH Riley Hollingsworth, former special counsel for amateur radio enforcement with the FCC.

Hopefully the problems on 7.200mHz (and a few other frequencies) will begin to be dealt with in a decisive meaningful manner. It is my opinion, and the opinion of others I have spoken with, Ms Laura Smith has failed to serve the amateur community dealing with the handful of misfits that occupy several frequencies in the amateur radio spectrum.