Is 10 meters dead?

No. We’re just not calling CQ!

I just worked 10 stations in less than 30 mins. One was even using a converted 11 meter rig as a 10 meter mobile! Heard him just fine. Pretty sure the problem is, most are listening. Not calling!

OM Power OM2500HF

Didn’t schedule any Real Estate shootings yesterday, so I took some time and went over my OM2500HF linear amplifiers performance and updated the settings/tuning charts. I’ve owned Ameritron, Emtron, Alpha, and now OM Power amplifiers over the past 20 years, and I will say without a doubt, the OM Power amplifier is the best amplifier I’ve ever owned, with the Emtron being a very close second. The Alpha was nice, but overly priced IMO, and the Ameritron line of amps (pre Biden inflation) is (was) the best bang for the buck. However that may no longer be the case at this time.

Having owned the OM2500HF for 4 years now I continue to be impressed with the build quality, performance, and ease of tuning this amp offers. I love the bar graph tuning feature on this amp. It’s very similar to the bar graph on the Emtron DX2-SP that I owned for many years. I grew to prefer this type of tuning indicators over the analog meters, still found on some amplifiers today.

I’m not a fan of multi-tube amplifiers. Never have been. IMO, single tube amplifiers offer more simplicity, and increased reliability over their multi-tube counterparts. That is the main reason I went with the OM2500HF over the OM4000HF. My OM2500HF will easily produce the FCC legal limit, with plenty of room to spare. I feel that if you need 4KW+ PEP to be heard, you have other issues that need attention. Like your antenna system!

I have been seriously considering moving into the world of Solid State amplifiers. I’ve looked at Palstar (I’m a fan of Palstar equipment), checked out Expert Linears, the Solid State line from ACOM, and now the design by KM3KM, the Mercury IIIS. I’m reading all positive reviews about the Mercury IIIS amp, but I’m kinda leery about jumping onboard with a new upstart company. I’m in no rush to move into the Solid State world, so I’m going to sit back an observe, and see what transpires. However if I had to make the decision TODAY about purchasing a Solid State amplifier, I feel the ACOM line would be at the top of my list. ACOM has been around for quite a while, and have a proven track record.

How to rate a Hamfest

before you attend.

Pretty simple. Look at the Vendor List, if published. Don’t see any major vendors, probably not worth attending.

The ONLY Hamfest in NC that I feel is worth attending, that does not have an extensive vendor attendance is the RARSfest in Raleigh, NC. Unlike the event nearby to my QTH, the RARSfest is geared toward amateur radio, not the 11 meter band junk.

Huntsville Hamfest

Saturday, August 20 | 9 AM to 4:30 PM
Sunday, August 21 | 9 AM to 3 PM
Von Braun Center, 700 Monroe St., Huntsville, AL
Admission $15, covers both days (12 & under free)

Air-conditioned, all indoors

Over 50 commercial vendors

Expanded flea market

Outstanding youth lounge

Educational forums and licensing exams

DX banquet and card checking

Hourly door prizes and daily grand prizes

Meet ARRL representatives, including President Rick Roderick, K5UR, CEO David Minster, NA2AA, and Southeastern Division Director Mickey Baker, N4MB

I’ll be there along with WZ4C Bradley. If you see us, say hello… 73

Hamfest time!

The Huntsville Alabama Hamfest is next month, and several of us from this area plan to attend. Just checked the vendor list, and it’s looking great. IMO, there are only 3, hamfest in this section of the country worth attending. The Hamvention, The Hamcation, and the event in Huntsville, Al. Unfortunately, most others aren’t worth the cost of the ticket to enter.

ABR Industries 10-10 International 
CommotionAlabama Contest Group (ACG) 
Diamond AntennaAlabama Historical Radio Society 
DX EngineeringAlabama Repeater Council 
ElecraftAlabama Service Corps 
FLEX Radio Systems Amateur Radio Digital Communications (ARDC) 
Gigaparts Amateur Radio Newsline
Gold Medal Ideas AMCON ARC Of Alabama 
Ham World, Inc American Contingency Ham Radio Network (AHRN)
Hamsource American Radio Relay League (ARRL)
Happy Feet ARISS 
Heaven Sent Survival ARMY MARS 
ICOM America Atlanta Hamfest 
KM4MPF Sales Dalton (GA) ARC 
Orlando HAMCATION Huntsville ARC – Flea Market Test Bench
Phase Dock IncINDEXA 
Quicksilver RadioJHS22 Of NYC (WB2JKJ) 
RadioWavzLimestone County ARES N4SEV
Remote Ham Radio Mongomery ARC
Shack In A Box N. Alabama DX CLUB 
SteppIR CommunicationsNorth Alabama Tech Team
Swap My Rigs Relay for Life of Amateur Radio
The RF Adapter GuyRadio Club of America (RCA) 
The Signman Stone Mtn Hamfest / GA State Convention
The Wireman 
TN07 Engineering 
Tower Electronics
Wild Sage Jewelry