SDRPlay software

Since re-setting up the RSP1A as a ‘receiver’, I’ve been playing around with several software packages to work with the RSP1A. Personally I much prefer SDR Console over SDRuno that was packaged with the RSP1A. SDR Console is aesthetically pleasing to my eyes, has just the right amount of on-screen data I need to operate the SDR efficently. The displayed data from SDRuno is very unpleasant to view, and the screens are just way to busy. Your mileage may vary..

SDR Console



Have used it as a band scope, and as a stand alone SDR. Found that I very seldom used it as a band scope, so I re-set it back up as a stand alone receiver. I never saw much benefit in SEEING a signal on a screen. I’d rather HEAR it in my speaker. However as a receiver, it’s a wonderful device. Just wish there was more support for Linux. I had a bunch of old pc components in my junk box, so I pieced together an old Intel Core 2 Quad box, with Windoze 7, and the RSP1A runs fine.


Australia via Long Path

Worked VK4SX Dennis on the Pacific east cost of Australia on 20 meters. Was tuning around and heard him say he was beaming North America via long path, so I figured I’d give him a call. Easy 5/9 conversation.

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘long path’, that simply means both of us were aiming our antennas the opposite of the shortest distance between the 2 points. Short path to Australia from North America is approx 270 degrees, or west. I was aiming my antenna approx 90 degrees, or east. The station in Australia was aiming his antenna west. Both of our signals probably made a hop or two on the continent of Africa before reaching each others location.



DX spotting

Spotter Freq DX call Country
WW4DX 14268.10 ES5TV Estonia
WW4DX 14325.00 SV3GLL Greece
WW4DX 14230.30 MU2K Guernsey
WW4DX 14280.60 MI0M Northern Ireland
WW4DX 14291.00 OM7M Slovakia
WW4DX 14257.00 9A5Y Croatia
WW4DX 14235.20 MD4K Isle of Man
WW4DX 14300.00 DL2SAX Germany
WW4DX 14198.40 HA8JV Hungary
WW4DX 14255.00 E7OT Bosnia-Herzegovina
WW4DX 14247.10 SO4M Poland
WW4DX 14266.50 UN5ZZ Kazakhstan
WW4DX 14288.00 LY4A Lithuania
WW4DX 14271.60 UW2M Ukraine
WW4DX 14205.90 UW5Y Ukraine
WW4DX 14259.80 DL0CS Germany
WW4DX 14173.00 IX1HPN Italy
WW4DX 14243.00 OM2VL Slovakia
WW4DX 14261.00 DK8ZB Germany
WW4DX 14219.00 UB7K Russia (European)
WW4DX 14260.00 GW9Z Wales
WW4DX 14267.00 DA2A Germany
WW4DX 14275.00 DJ8OG Germany
WW4DX 14243.00 HG7T Hungary
WW4DX 14222.00 F4FQZ France
WW4DX 14262.00 DL3RAR Germany
WW4DX 14262.00 IB9A Italy
WW4DX 14283.00 OE6Z Austria
WW4DX 14296.00 DJ7R Germany
WW4DX 14243.00 S57DX Slovenia
WW4DX 14243.00 EW6W Belarus
WW4DX 14286.00 DP7D Germany
WW4DX 14289.00 DF2F Germany
WW4DX 14273.00 EI6JK Ireland
WW4DX 14240.00 IB2M Italy
WW4DX 14252.00 DL0SN Germany
WW4DX 14287.00 MM0AUP/P Scotland
WW4DX 14225.00 IZ1PNT Italy
WW4DX 14205.00 ON7AB Belgium
WW4DX 14200.00 SV3GLL Greece
G0LVX 14248.00 WW4DX United States
S55G 14248.00 WW4DX United States
LZ3CC 14248.00 WW4DX United States
M0ODV 14248.00 WW4DX United States
K4KWF 14245.00 WW4DX United States

CQRLog rig control

Thought I’d give the rig control feature of CQRLog a try. Connected a generic USB to Serial adapter to my main Linux PC. Configured it as dev/ttyUSB0. Connected the adapter to the FTDX5000MP. Selected the FTDX5000MP configuration file included in CQRLog, and it immediately connected. Now can simply click on a SPOT within the CQRLog DX Cluster, and the FTDX5000MP switches to the proper freq. Work the station.