Riding season is here

Got both Sues Harley and mine serviced. State inspection (tax), new plate (tax), and property tax. Yeah 3 taxes to ride these damn things, not to mention the inflated fuel tax! Anyhow, took the Street Glide out a couple of times. Riding great! Moved the Sena 10S clamp kits to our modular lids. Shit canning the “Outlaw” 1/2 lids. Only thing those lids were good for was to prevent a ticket (tax) from the police. Ordered 2 new Sena Cavalry 1/2 lids with integrated Bluetooth comms. Once you use a Bluetooth equipped lid, you never wanna go back!

Got a nice long weekend ride/camping trip with a good friend of mine. Not yet sure if doing the Blue Ridge Parkway end to end, or a weekend at Iron Horse Lodge near Robbinsville, NC. Lots of great moonshine comes out of Graham County. Some of the best Apple Pie I ever had came out of Graham County, which is a dry county here in NC! LOL Either ride we do, it’ll be good to get back out into the wild again on my steel horse.