Harley-Davidson Ride Planner

After using many mapping, routing apps on my smartphone, the Harley-Davidson Rider Planner has proven to be the best for me. Can easily create custom routes on the PC, save it, and it appears in my favorite list when using the app. It is advisable to download the ‘offline’ maps, especially if you ride in areas (like I do) that do not have cell service. The app is free to all, not just owners of H-D’s. You have nothing to lose to give it a try.


Two Wheels Of Suches

Sue and I have ridden by Two Wheels Of Suches on several occasions when exploring this area on the Harleys. Itching to get out on the bike, I decided to head there, recon the facility, and spend the night camping.

The facility is nice. Very well kept. Bath house was very clean. The “lodge and restaurant” is only open on weekends. I did my own meals so cant comment. A lot of free-range tent camping. $20.00. Picnic tables, grill. 4 bars of cell service. Could not access any amateur radio VHF/UHF repeaters from the property.  Hills all around the site. Many curvy roads leading to the site. Hwy 180, and Hwy 60 being the best. 

Cold. Yes it got cold. I was in my 15f bag, insulated sleeping pad, had a ThermaRest blanket, thin layer of dry clothing, and my feet still got cold. Had to use my riding jacket over my feet to make it tolerable. Jim Beam Kentucky Fire whiskey helped as well. Will probably be a lot better temp wise by early May. 

Had some neighbors. Two riders from Jersey who were on some damn nice KTM Adventure Bikes. They had several very adventurous routes planned for the area. Sure wish I was 20 years younger! I would have joined them!

Am I going back? YES! Getting there Sunday afternoon worked out great. After the weekend crowd left, there were only 8 to 10 folks left camping. No doubt Two Wheels of Suches is going to be incorporated into our future places to camp when out exploring on the bikes.