Brushy Mountain Road

in Alexander and Wilkes Counties. The Alexander County side surface is horrible. Cracked pavement, substandard repairs, sink holes! Yes some of the dips in the road could be classified as near sink holes!

Road it south to north to go see some friends who own a screen printing business in North Wilkesboro. The Wilkes County section of Brushy Mtn Road surface is much better than the Alexander County side which has many more tight curves.

I’ll be posting a video shortly with mainly the Wilkes County section. It’s a 360 video, so be sure and look around for some scenic views, especially near the end of the video. Even though I did catch up to cager, they did a job of moving along nicely. Obviously a local, who knows how to drive a mountain road. Nothing worse than getting behind a cager on a curvy mountain road, and they have a Florida plate!

Motorcycling camera/video gear

I’ve had several asked what camera/video gear I carry on the Harley, how I power the cameras, and recharge the batteries. After many weeks figuring out what works best for me (not necessarily you) I thought I’d share with everyone.

Main still camera is a simple, inexpensive Canon ‘Point and Shoot”, PowerShot SX540 HS 20.3 Mega Pixel digital camera. This camera features an optical zoom of 50X, which is well more than I typically use. The 20.3 Mega Pixel capability of this camera produces images well suited for viewing over the Internet. Uses standard sized SD Cards, or Micro SD Cards with an adapter. Camera packs fairly compact. Batteries are fairly small, and I usually carry 3 or more, plus a charger.

Video camera # 1 is a DJI Osmos Action. This camera is very similar to a GoPro, however the DJI Osmos Action has some features that for me, made it a better choice than a GoPro Hero. Video camera shoots in 4K, has video stabilization, and takes very good stills. The feature that prompted me to purchase this over a GoPro Hero is the threaded lens, making using a screw on filters a breeze. Batteries are compact, and typically provide approximately one hour of recording in 4K. I carry 4 batteries, and a charger. The DJI Osmos Action uses micro SD Cards. I use a variety of 128GB and 256GB SanDisk Extremes. I usually mount the camera on the Harley with a ball and arm mounting system from RAM mounts. Mount is very secure, and have never has any issues. Camera is water resistant.

Video camera #2 is a Insta360 One X2 dual lens 360 camera. This is my newest camera, and I’m still discovering what this little thing can do. So far, I’ve been impressed. Can video in 360, 150, or Panoramic modes. Will capture stills like the DJI Osmos Action. The Insta360 One X2 will take videos in 5.7K at 30 FPS. I usually make videos in 4K @ 50 FPS. Uses the same micro SD cards as the DJI Osmos Action. Batteries are a little larger than the DJI Osmos Action batteries. I carry 3 batteries plus a charger. Each battery will provide about 1 hour of video capture in 4K. I usually mount this camera on the backside of the Street Glide windshield, using the typical GoPro style mounting options. Like the DJI Osmso, the camera is water resistant.

Powering the cameras and charging batteries. This is the area that I’ve spent the majority of time figuring out what works best for me. Again, not necessarily for you. I’ve tired using USB adapters in the power port of the Street Glide with good success. Really didn’t care for having to route the cables from the power port to the cameras though. What I am a currently using, and much prefer over the power port option, are solar charged power cells. I carry 2. 25,000+ mAh capacity devices. I can easily place one in my windshield bag, and by using very short USB C cables, I can run the both cameras off of this battery instead of the internal batteries. Can also use the solar power cells in the traditional way of simply using the USB ports to the battery charger itself.

So there you have it. Pretty simple, and not very expensive. What I’m now working on is being able to get in helmet audio from my Sena 50S to the mic input of either device. Have some ideas that I’ve been testing, but not quite there yet. My goal is to keep the connection wireless!

Relaxing ride

on Hwy 181 in Burke County. Been a while since I’ve been up that road and noticed the speed limit has been reduced to 45 MPH. Has been 55 MPH since I can remember back in the 70’s. More than likely the speed limit was reduced so the county and state can write more speeding citations, mainly to the ones who caused the majority of the problem. The crotch rocket riders.

Camera is a Insta360 One X2 mounted on the windshield. I’m continuing to experiment with mounting positions on the motorcycle.