30 years ago | HUGO

Remember HUGO like it was yesterday. Learned many valuable lessons from this experience. Mainly be well prepared. Which we were not. There is no way a hurricane would come through Hickory, NC. We’re too far inland. Bullshit. One did as a Cat 1. I guess we were one of the luckier ones. The only property damage we suffered was to the rotor on the 90ft tower, and tree limbs on our roof and in our yard. Just up the street and behind us, some very large oak trees came down. Several homes in our area were heavily damaged. Several trees came down across the streets, trapping up inside our neighborhood for a short while. Having no power, no idea when it would be restored, and having an a infant daughter, our focus turned to her. As soon as we were freed from being trapped we got her to my parents in Morganton who did not suffer the damage as did Catawba and Alexander counties. They had electricity. She would be well cared for while we recovered.

It was many days before electricity was restored here and things began to return to normal, or as normal to be expected after going through a hurricane in the foothills of NC. I had never really thought about how dependent we were upon the normal infrastructure (electricity, phone, grocery stores, etc), until HUGO. Trust me. Lesson learned.

A must read | EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots

or listen as I prefer audiobooks. EMP: Equipping Modern Patriots is a 3 book series, written by Jonathan Hollerman a former US Air Force SERE Instructor and expert on survival and prepping.

Electromagnetic Pulse attack against our nation. This is not only a thrilling story, but offers practical life-saving advice for an imminent threat.
If you enjoyed “Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles or “One Second After” by William Forstchen, then you will enjoy this story of survival.