First ride/camp of 2021

2020 was a disaster thanks to the politically enhanced China virus. With more and more freedom loving citizen becoming fed up with these politically driven freedom robbing mandates, 2021 will most likely be a much better year. That being said, my first ride/camp of 2021 will be to the southern section of the Blue Ridge Parkway for a night or two.

Some never learn

While doing some video editing this morning, I pressed the power switch on my Yaesu FTDX5000MP. It powered on to the last frequency I had it tuned to. I haven’t had it on in several weeks. 1.928mHz was apparently the last frequency I was on.

And what was the very first thing I heard? WA4OPO Terry Isenhour of Lincolnton, NC once again spewing his racist hate speech over amateur radio as before. However now he is using the term “Africans”, instead of his favorite racial slur.

There is no place for hate speech on amateur radio. None. Not sure how this unacceptable behavior can be dealt with, but I’m going to make a few calls and find out. This MUST STOP.

That time of the year again.

Going through my motorcycle camping gear for the 2021 season. Hopefully many of the State Parks along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Skyland Drive will once again be open this year. Last year was a disaster thanks the the COVID political virus scare.

Keeping the same load-out as before.
Marmot Tungsten tent and my trusty Big Agnes Sleeping System. This gear has performed above and beyond the call of duty for several years, and is in excellent condition.

Hints for becoming a better amateur radio operator. *

Your 20 years of experience on the CB means nothing to me.

You have a “name”, not a “personal, first personal, second personal, or any other personal”.

When you are monitoring radio transmissions, you are not “on the by, reading the mail, in the weeds, or on the side”.

The use of any “10 Code”, including 10-4, What’s your 20, etc. will immediately tell me all I need to know.

When you want to say hello to me, just say “Hello”. Please don’t “Wave a hand”.

It makes absolutely no sense to give your call sign, then add ‘for ID”. For what other reason than “ID” do you announce your call sign?

If I give you a nice signal report, don’t send me “flowers”, just say “thanks”. However you can send me CASH. My address is good on QRZ!

When we complete our QSO, I will say “73”. You’ll notice I won’t say “73’s” or Seventy Thirds, or some other such nonsense.

If you come across me while in a QSO, and you want to join in….identify with your Call Sign. If you yell “Contact”, I will not answer you. However I may ask you which runway you prefer.

If you are increasing the RF output of your transmitter, you are not using a “LINEAR”. You are using an RF AMPLIFIER, which may or may not be “LINEAR”,
depending on how poorly it is designed, or how hard you are driving it.

Don’t give me any crap if I don’t ID exactly each 10 minutes on the hour during a QSO. Go back and read Part 97 carefully.

There is a reason the owners manual is usually the first item you see in the box for your new radio. Read it before getting on air, and making a fool of yourself.

Above all others, before heading out to a hamfest, bathe thoroughly and use a quality deodorant.

73, and good dx.
WW4DX Hickory, NC

* Found some of these hints on other websites.