OM Power OM2500HF

Sold my OM Power amp. This has been a fantastic amp. Makes a lot of power, with very little drive. Sold it, due to downsizing the station. Less stuff Sue has to deal with, down the road…

Also going to sell the Palstar AT4K. No longer have the need for such a large transmatch, once the OM2500HF is gone.

Too much testing. Not enough teaching.

I typically do not operate on 40 meter during the day, however today I did spin around the band for a few minutes, and came upon a conversation that caught my attention. I was listening to an (new) Extra class ham asking questions that a Novice from 40 years ago could have easily answered.

Why are these clubs that are testing, not teaching?

Is memorizing answers to the test questions now the norm?

First it was “for ID”

now a popular ignorant trend is to announce your call, then announce the 10 minute after the hour segment it is.

Example AW2WWW on the fifty.

Meaning I’m AW2WWW and it’s 50 minutes after the hour.

Not only does this sound stupid, it serves no useful purpose.

How about we just go all the way and say…. AW2WWW for ID on the fifty.

Customer Service

Over the past 40 years, I have acquired a lot of amateur radio equipment, having a good chunk of change invested. My homeowners insurance policy covers most electronics, however I was looking for a policy specific to my amateur radio gear. The search was on….

Ham Radio Insurance Associates

For more than 10 days I have been asking Bill at Ham Radio Insurance Associates for a printed copy of what the insurance he is offering, actually covers and excludes. I feel this is a reasonable request, so I can read what I’m actually purchasing beforehand. A verbal statement is not satisfactory. I want it in writing. However Bill at Ham Radio Insurance Associates would never comply with my request! Becoming frustrated, I called the insurance policy underwriter and asked a few questions. I was not surprised to learn that what I was being told verbally, and what was on his website was not accurate information. Learning of these inaccuracies, and misleading answers I received from Bill, made it clear too me that I need to look elsewhere for additional coverage. I did.

The American Radio Relay League

I sent an email to the contact as listed on the ARRL Web Site concerning the insurance policy being offered by the league. Within 2 hours, YES 2 hours I had a copy of the policy available for purchase in my hand. A night and day difference in customer service. I’m currently going over the information I received from the ARRL about coverage and exclusions.

If I do decide to seek additional coverage, who do you think I’m going with?