The Fat Boy Lo

after going back for a second time to inspect the bike, I pulled the trigger, and the bike is in it’s new home.

The very first task to perform is service. The bike is approaching 10k miles, so it’s time. I’ve been servicing our other 4 Harley’s since day one, and this one will be no different. Like the other 4, the Fat Boy Lo will get a full synthetic treatment, and I’ll know the service was performed correctly.

Not thrilled with the ugly ass Harley Sundowner seat, so a new Mustang Tripper solo seat is already enroute from Revzilla. A Sundowner seat on a Fat Boy just looks stupid. Easy fix! However, I’m not going to change the bike a lot. I like the simple styling the bike has from the factory. Will probably do a header wrap, change the plate frame to a lay down style, and maybe add a few hardware covers here and there. Unlike my HD Softail Deuce, this Fat Boy Lo has very little chrome, which was what I was after.