2nd tower

Finished cleaning and painting the Rohn 25G tower sections I got from WZ4C this morning. Hope to have the 2nd tower up by late October. Plan on guying it at 45ft, so it will be very stable. Installing a VHF/UHF vertical, 6 meter ground plane, pulleys, and more security gear.

Quick update. Got 15ft of the tower up. As soon as WZ4C gets a day, we’re going to finish the installation.

Review | Heil Pro 7 Headset

I’ve owned this headset for over 9 months now, and will say, this is the most comfortable headset I’ve ever worn. The gel earpads make all the difference. From past experience after about 1 hour of typical headset usage, discomfort sets in. Not so with the Heil Pro 7’s. I’ve worn these for several hours without the issues of the past. The gel earpads seal well, eliminating most background noise. Sound reproduction is second to none from both the speakers and the mic. The phase reversal function performs extremely well when the station is in the noise. It’s very common to receive unsolicited transmitted audio quality and fidelity reports. Construction quality and finish are also top shelf. They are a little pricey, but I feel they were well worth the cost.


Shortwave Radio Receiver

Interested in tuning into shortwave radio broadcast, but don’t have the gear? Not interested in purchasing a desktop radio? There is an alternative.

How about something around the size of a deck of poker cards that connects to your PC. Receives from 1kHz to 2gHz. In non technical terms, it will receive just about anything! No Internet connection required. Shortwave, ham, police, fire, AM + FM commercial, etc. Not complicated at all. Opens an entire new world for information. Does require a very simple antenna, which can be just a very small single piece of wire connected to it. I own one myself, and they work extremely well, and are very easy to use. The Windows software to operate the device is a free download.

Video on the operation of the device. Take note of the privacy warning.


Interested? Purchase at Ham Radio Outlet


Granted, Jones can get whacky. Some of the stuff he says is off the wall bullshit. Yeah he’s pushing his supplements to make $$$. You don’t have to purchase them. Capitalism. What’s wrong with that? However he does report a lot of factual information that the main stream media ignores, or doesn’t want you to know about. It’s up to the listener to separate bullshit from fact. If you do not possess that ability, I suggest you do not listen to the broadcast.

Shortwave broadcast
Sunday WWCR 9.350mHz @ 5:00PM (ET)
Monday – Friday WWCR 12.160mHz @ 12:00PM (ET) LIVE
Monday – Friday WWCR 4.840mHz @ 10:00PM (ET)