Ham Radio logging | For us non WINDOZE folks

CQRLog is a free (donations accepted) ham radio logging program that works great in Linux. It also pulls call data from HAMQTH.COM for FREE, unlike QRZ.COM where pulling the same data is a paid service. Yet another reason to kick QRZ to the curb! AA7BQ is selling your info he receives for FREE for his profit. Did you ever receive a commission check from QRZ.COM? I didn’t, so I had my info deleted from QRZ.COM. The hacking of accounts on QRZ.COM was my #1 reason. This was the 2nd reason.

CQRlog was easy to install (just like in Windoze. Click to install!) Easy to configure, and is very easy to use and navigate. Custom configuration galore! Even though I don’t use LOTW or any other on-line logging service, I’m pretty sure CQRLog works well with those.

If you’re a Linux user, give this program a try. Nothing to lose.



The Bands ‘Ham Radio’

Why do they always seem to magically open when there is a contest ongoing? I’m working stations in Europe as fast as I can log!

WW4DX GW9Z14260 2242z 14 Sep
WW4DX DA2A14267 2240z 14 Sep
WW4DX DA2A14267 2239z 14 Sep
WW4DX DJ8OG14275 [LoTW] 2236z 14 Sep
WW4DX HG7T14243 [LoTW] 2233z 14 Sep
WW4DX F4FQZ14222 [LoTW] 2230z 14 Sep
WW4DX DL3RAR14262 2225z 14 Sep
WW4DX IB9A14262 2222z 14 Sep
WW4DX OE6Z14283 [LoTW] 2220z 14 Sep
WW4DX DJ7R14296 2219z 14 Sep
WW4DX S57DX14243 2212z 14 Sep
WW4DX EW6W14243 2210z 14 Sep
WW4DX DP7D14286 2201z 14 Sep
WW4DX DF2F14289 [LoTW] 2154z 14 Sep
WW4DX EI6JK14273 [LoTW] 2153z 14 Sep