Amateur Radio is “Self Policing”

That’s how it was explained to me by my elmer, K4ILF (SK). It has pretty much been that way from the beginning, he said. If one chooses to remain SILENT, when there is an obvious problem operator within the amateur radio community, unchallenged problem operators begin too feel empowered, and the problem continues to grow. Not stepping up to the plate and saying something, is a disservice to the amateur radio community, service/hobby. If you have a known problem in your neighborhood are you going to speak to your neighbors about it? Or are you going to remain silent, cross your fingers and hope it goes away?

IMO it’s so unfortunate that many choose to be silent, and allow a problem to grow until the point of no return. I’m not speaking of an occasional slip of the tongue. That’s happened to many of us. Myself included. I’m speaking of an amateur that is constantly spreading bigotry, racism, hatred and spewing extreme vulgarity. Continue to sit on your hands, don’t become involved, turn a blind eye, look the other way, and this service/hobby will evolve into another CB service. On several frequencies it already has.

And to those that give cover, or make excuses (and you know who you are) for those who are the problem operators, (serving in the US Military is NOT a valid excuse for using extreme vulgarity on the radio) you’re part of the problem as well. If you don’t find this service/hobby is worth standing/fighting for, please sell all your gear, or better yet donate it to a new amateur who isn’t filled with hate such as you are, and step on down the road. We don’t need you around anyhow.

Come out and enjoy

some Drag Racing in Wilkesboro, NC this coming Saturday July 2nd.

This was our favorite track to race at back when Sue and I were running the Nova and Vega in Top Eliminator.

Although we no longer take part in the racing competition, we continue to enjoy the sport. No longer behind the wheel. Now behind the lens. We will be shooting for the track and the racers this Saturday. Come out and say hello….

New Birds

Shot a home in Lenoir with the new DJI Mavic Air 2S yesterday. Camera has a 1 inch sensor. Larger than the sensor on my DJI Mavic Pro. The new bird takes excellent photographs, and I can see a noticeable improvement over my older DJI Mavic Pro.

New UAS (Drones) added for photography

My trusty DJI Mavic Pro has been sold. The Mavic Pro has produced some excellent aerial images and videos. However, it’s time to step up my game.

Just received the 1st of two DJI AIR 2S birds. These feature a 1 inch CMOS sensor, and produces images and videos that are second to none! Flight time per battery is a little longer with the AIR 2S over the Mavic Pro, so I’m going to have to carry fewer batteries along. Less batteries, less weight to lug around!

2nd Canon 90D added

After trying the Canon RP for a week, I returned it, and purchased a second Canon 90D, that is going to be used by Sue for Sports Photography. Mainly Drag Racing photography. I’ve been shooting with a 90D for well over a year, and absolutely love the performance that camera gives us. It just makes the best sense if both of us are shooting with the same body, and the Canon L lens.

The 80D that she was using in now going to be used strictly in my Real Estate Photography business. The 80D combined with the Canon 10-22mm or the Sigma 10-20mm lens produces some unbeatable images.