Secure email

I have been using Protonmail for about 5 weeks now. Began with the free version, which performed very well. Seeing how well it performed, and had the security features I desired, I decided to upgrade to the entry level subscription offering. The entry level subscription gave me a few more options that I desired. A big feature for me was it performs well with the iPhone. As for Gmail, I do still use it, but only for email that is pretty much meaningless.

If you desire your Internet communications to be private, and I strongly suggest you do, take a look at Protonmail.

The key to your station

is the antenna system. Not the fancy radio in front of you, or that big HF amplifier. Considering the size of my property I feel I’ve done as about as good as possible. The current antenna system is a 120ft Rohn 25G tower, Force12 C19XR Yagi, a 135ft doublet at 100 feet, and a 260ft doublet at 110 feet. Both doublets utilize Balun Designs 5KW ATU baluns. The lower dipole is a resonate 1/2 wave 60 meter dipole. Rotor is a Hy-Gan TailTwister II, and the antenna switching is via a Array Solutions RAT PAK.

2nd tower

Finished cleaning and painting the Rohn 25G tower sections I got from WZ4C this morning. Hope to have the 2nd tower up by late October. Plan on guying it at 45ft, so it will be very stable. Installing a VHF/UHF vertical, 6 meter ground plane, pulleys, and more security gear.

Quick update. Got 15ft of the tower up. As soon as WZ4C gets a day, we’re going to finish the installation.