That time of year has arrived

Amateur radio is taking a backseat to motorcycling, street/sports/wildlife photography, and competition shooting. Both Sue and I are in reasonably good health (neither of us wear diapers!) and we enjoy being outdoors (not a diaper wearing semi shut-in), taking advantage of the spring, summer, and early fall western NC weather.


The annual Catawba Valley Rifle & Pistol Club banquet is upon us. Looking forward to this event. Some of the best folks in our area belong to this club.

Unlike other clubs in this area, CVR&P is focused upon it’s members, instead of outside entities.

Other clubs in this area are ‘looking for new members’, while we have a ‘waiting list’ for new members.

What does that tell ya?

Fantastic match at Catawba Valley Rifle & Pistol Club today

Right click on any image, then select “open image in new tab’, for a larger view.

Competitors engaged targets from only a few yards, out to 230+ yards, with pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Run and gun at it’s best..

The staff at Catawba Valley Rifle & Pistol Club always host a safe, exciting, challenging event. Thanks guys and gals…..