My wife has a knack

of spotting creeps, idiots and scumbags that I befriend.

Well actually this one I already knew was a creepy idiot.

It was over 20 years ago when I first met him.

He was a creepy idiot then.

However felt sorry for the ol chap and gave him a hand.

Sure enough, he’s still the same old creepy idiot he was 20 years ago.

A good riddance to the creepy idiot once again.

Found some photos from 2010

On our way to Groton, Ct to visit our daughter and granddaughter when they lived there..

Yes we rode. I went on into Boston, MA while there. Newport, RI was the most interesting though.

Stopped by Orange County Choppers and V-Force Customs while in New York. Got to meet Cody from the TV show American Chopper while there.