New poll

Several subscribers have emailed me stating that the term Doofus and Gooberhead is missing the mark describing that idiot in Dallas.

Therefore in the name of democracy I’ll create a poll, and allow my subs to determine which moniker best fits the idiot. Simply drop me an email with your choice of.

A. The Dallas Doofus
B. The Gaston Gooberhead
C. The Dallas Dumbass.

Results to be announced here, this Friday.

Remember. This is the idiot, that according to Wash and Polish, hocked his house with a reverse mortgage loan, so he could give a false impression to others of his financial status. Yes folks. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack, so choose wisely.

Tellin’ it like it is…

Now that we have seen the 120th Anniversary Harley-Davidson line-up, I feel it’s safe to say, Harley what the hell are you thinking?

For those who know me, know I’m a huge fan (owner/avid rider of several H-D’s), and typically supportive of the MOCO products. I’m also one to speak my mind (just ask some of these asswipe ham operators round here). $60k OTD for a CVO RG Limited? Are you nutz? MOCO, y’all totally missed it this time round. No real new innovation, and a paint scheme from the 80’s Honda Gold Turds!


Customizations components are still arriving. The K&N breather kit arrived Sunday, and of course it’s now installed. Was pretty much the same installation procedure as the Screaming Eagle breather kit I installed on my Softail Deuce many years ago. Now the Stage One tune on the Fat Boy Lo is complete.

Due in this week are the tinted tail lamp assembly. The tinted turn signal lenses. The lay down license plate frame. The black clutch and front brake levers. The blacked out shifter linkage. The following week the header wrap, and engine hex nut cover kit should arrive. Ahh shit, forgot about some new shifter pegs! Will get those ordered today!

Lastly will be a full service on the bike. I’ve been doing the scheduled service on the our other 4 Harley’s, and this one will be getting the same treatment. K&N oil filter, Lucas Synthetic lubricants, plus all the other adjustments and checks associated with the bikes first big service.

The $64,000 question now is, who’s bike this is? Sue jumped on it, and really likes the way it feels. A little lighter than her Road King, and sits low, similar to her Dyna Low Rider. The only bike she doesn’t ride is The Deuce. The clutch is a little to stiff for her to operate. Hummmm. Maybe that’s intentional! LOL And besides that, the forward controls are a little to far forward for her. As for her Dyna Low Rider, that bike is setup strictly for her, and it not very comfortable for me, although I can ride it! Just prefer not too.

One aspect of the Fat Boy that both of us are going to have to get used to is the wide rear tire. Our other 4 bikes have rear tires in the 150 mm-160 mm range. The Fat Boy has a 200 mm rear tire. Corners totally different than our others. I feel sure we’ll adapt!

K&N breather kit installed

The transformation of the Fat Boy Lo continues

Seat changed. Rear fender bib added. Rear floorboards removed. Vertical license bracket gone! Cellphone mount gone!

Due in next week. K&N breather kit. Tinted signal lens covers. Header wrap kit New shifter linkage. Black hand levers. Tinted rear LED taillamp. Lay down license plate bracket. Black axle nut covers. Black engine hex nut covers.

Not to keen on the engine guard. Especially on a Softail, or Dyna. I’m fine with one on a Touring Bike. Sue’s Low Rider and my Deuce, no guard. Sue’s Road King and my Street Glide have guards. 95% sure the engine guard will be removed from the Fat Boy. Just looks outta place.

Seriously considering blacking out the front fork lowers. That will make the front blend better with the rear…

I’m confident that this is going to be a nice ride. Especially when I finish the customization. Looking forward to taking it to the Blue Ridge Parkway in a few months for a leisurely cruise.