New UAS (Drones) added for photography

My trusty DJI Mavic Pro has been sold. The Mavic Pro has produced some excellent aerial images and videos. However, it’s time to step up my game.

Just received the 1st of two DJI AIR 2S birds. These feature a 1 inch CMOS sensor, and produces images and videos that are second to none! Flight time per battery is a little longer with the AIR 2S over the Mavic Pro, so I’m going to have to carry fewer batteries along. Less batteries, less weight to lug around!

2nd Canon 90D added

After trying the Canon RP for a week, I returned it, and purchased a second Canon 90D, that is going to be used by Sue for Sports Photography. Mainly Drag Racing photography. I’ve been shooting with a 90D for well over a year, and absolutely love the performance that camera gives us. It just makes the best sense if both of us are shooting with the same body, and the Canon L lens.

The 80D that she was using in now going to be used strictly in my Real Estate Photography business. The 80D combined with the Canon 10-22mm or the Sigma 10-20mm lens produces some unbeatable images.

More bigotry from NC0G George Poteat and WA4OPO Terry Isenhour

NC0G George Poteat of Dallas, NC and WA4OPO Terry Isenhour of Lincolnton, NC continue to spread their bigotry via amateur radio. Shameful.

The ‘tone’ of NC0G George Poteat’s communication with WA4OPO speaks VOLUMES of his bigotry toward the black race in our nation. Although Juneteenth has absolutely nothing to do with the Civil Rights movement, it’s quite obvious that NC0G has an issue with the black race having the same civil rights, that he enjoys as a white male.

WA4OPO Terry Isenhour was recently CONVICTED of shooting into his neighbors home, who is a black man. He was also recently heard (over amateur radio) stating that he would shoot his neighbor, if his neighbor sat foot on his property. According to Terry himself, his neighbors hate him. Wonder why????

I was WARNED by John Setzler W4HKY(SK) to avoid befriending Terry Isenhour WA4OPO and another ham just down the street. Did I listen? Nope. I’m the type that gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. This mistake has since been corrected.

And too those that read this, and continue to gather in conversation with these 2 on 1.926mHz remember this. Right or wrong, you will be judged by the company you keep.

Terry Isenhour WA4OPO

George Poteat NC0G

New Canon body arrived

Not a huge fan of the small bodied mirrorless cameras, however did want to setup one of my kits focusing on my Real Estate photography projects. Our plan is to keep both the 80D & 90D setup for sports and wildlife. After looking at several, decided on the Canon EOS RP. It’s a full frame sensor body, with the features I need to photograph interior and exterior Real Estate.

Took the new body and a Sigma 10-20mm lens out on a exterior project. Makes a fairly lightweight kit for R E photography. The lighter the better!

Anyhow, examined the images in Lightroom, and the image quality is leaps and bounds above what is required for MLS listings. I have 30 days to run it through some testing, before making a final decision of this the route I’m going to take. I will say this though. I do not like the smaller body when I have one of our Canon L lens attached! The 80D & 90D is going to be hard to beat in ergonomics when using larger glass.

Wilkesboro Dragway

Sue and I spent last Saturday at one of the dragways we used to race at, back in the 1990’s, early 2000’s. However instead of racing down the track, we were track side capturing others having fun doing what we used to do. Did see 2 of the racers that we competed with from over 20 years ago were still at it! Got to spend a few minutes with each, talking about the changes in drag racing that has occurred since Sue and got out of the sport.

Not only has the sport changed, this dragway has changed hands a few times since Sue and sold our racing operation to Steve Taylor (RIP) back in in 2001. The last time we made a pass down this track, the facility was owned and operated by Danny (RIP) & Mona Dunn (also currently working the at the track!). From what we understand the tracks new owners (the Olish family) are in Long Island, NY. The track is being managed by Paul and Cindy Salvatore. Sue and I got to meet both. Super nice folks, who appear to be putting forth a strong effort to keep this nice dragway moving forward. Along with meeting Paul and Cindy, reconnected with Joe Greene. Joe has been running the starting line as far back as I remember. Anyhow, Sue and I were impressed with everything we saw, and plan on returning often in support of the facility.

Here are a few of the shots that we captured from track side. Sue was on the Canon 80D with the Canon 70-200 2.8 L IS III USM lens. That lens on the 80D body is super sharp! She was nailing the cars leaving the line! I was on the Canon 90D with the Canon 100-400 4-5.6 L IS II USM glass. It too captures some nice sharp images.