Teaching vs Testing

Was on 160 meters this morning listening to a local group of hams, when it was mentioned that a new ham was having some difficulty getting a fan dipole dialed-in. It was mentioned that he was getting some very inaccurate information from one of the local LIDS, KI4JSM about the effects of standing wave ratio (SWR, not SWR’s), and the usage of a trans-match. This got me to thinking about the current state of amateur radio, and how it seems to be going south.

Back in the day (LOL) when I became interested in amateur radio, I was lucky enough to have one the best elmers in our area. K4ILF. Lou Letendre. He was a 2 lander transplant from Long Island, NY. One hell of a great elmer, and great all around guy. If not for Lou, I’d never got my ticket. Lou knew how to teach!

Seems today most are more caught up about testing for new licenses, instead of TEACHING those interested in obtaining a license. Too me, that seems ass-backwards.

Anyhow, I reached out to this new amateur, and he did respond. Hopefully a few of us will be able to help this new ham with his antenna issues, and get him on the right path, so he can enjoy the hobby to the fullest!

Hints for becoming a better amateur radio operator. *

Your 20 years of experience on the CB means nothing to most of us.

You have a “name”, not a “personal”.

When you are monitoring radio transmissions, you are not “on the by, reading the mail, or on the side”.

The use of any “10 Code”, including 10-4, What’s your 20, etc. will immediately tell me all I need to know.

When you want to say hello to me, just say “Hello”. Please don’t “Wave a hand”.

It makes absolutely no sense to give your call sign, then add ‘for ID”. For what other reason than “ID” do you announce your call sign?

If I give you a nice signal report, don’t send me “flowers”, just say “thanks”.

When we complete our QSO, I will say “73”. You’ll notice I won’t say “73’s” or Seventy Thirds, or some other such nonsense.

If you come across me while in a QSO, and you want to join in….identify with your Call Sign. If you yell “Contact”, I will not answer you.

If you are increasing the RF output of your transmitter, you are not using a “LINEAR”. You are using an RF AMPLIFIER, which may or may not be “LINEAR”, depending on how poorly it is designed, or how hard you are driving it.

Don’t give me any crap if I don’t ID exactly each 10 minutes on the hour during a QSO. Go back and read Part 97 carefully.

There is a reason the owners manual is usually the first item you see in the box for your new radio. Try reading it before getting on air.

Before heading out to a hamfest, bathe thoroughly and use a quality deodorant.

73, and good dx.
WW4DX Hickory, NC

* Found some of these hints on other websites.