Field Day 2023

Bradley (WZ4C) called. Wants to do Field Day this year. 100% battery/solar power QRP. Class A Battery and Solar Power.

A real challenge.

We’ve done it before, and may just do it again.

No BBQ, no pizza delivery, no party.

Maybe a MRE or two.

The way Field Day is meant too be….

Dallas Doofus, put your license where your mouth is… But you won’t…. Pussy…

The Dallas Doofus loves to correct others, but damn sure hates it when someone corrects him. I have never seen anyone go to the length of being so dishonest, just to save face.

For years the Dallas Doofus has continued referring to the Yaesu VRF control (function) of the FTDX5000 series of amateur transceivers as a Variable Ratio Front-end control (function). What that is, no one has a clue. I simply corrected him a while back, and he went nutz. Nutz to the point he is now claiming when Yaesu first developed this feature, they indeed referred to it a a Variable Ratio Front-End function, even going to the length saying that in the early owners manual that was the terminology being used, and in print.

This is 100% bullshit. I know it’s bullshit. He knows it’s bullshit. Everyone knows it bullshit. I guess he’s content of riding this wave of bullshit till the end. Well, lets end the bullshit once and for all.

I know the Dallas Doofus reads my website. I’ve had several trustworthy amateurs to email me saying so. I can also see the IP address of site visitors. Dallas Doofus, I will wager my amateur radio license against yours that you (as usual) are full of shit, and being 100% dishonest. How about I give you a week to produce official documentation from Yaesu verifying your claim. The hell with that. I’ll give you a month! If you can, I will terminate (cancel) my amateur radio license with the FCC. If you can’t produce official documentation from Yaesu within one month, you terminate (cancel) your amateur radio license with the FCC.

How bout it Doofus? Up to the challenge?

This has nothing to do with being incorrect. It has everything to do with the Dallas Doofus being so dishonest, and the lengths this fool goes to, to save face.

So put up, or shut up, you old fool…..

Will he wager his license against mine? Of course not…. Why???

Cause he’s a blowhard dishonest pussy…………….

That time of year has arrived

Amateur radio is taking a backseat to motorcycling, street/sports/wildlife photography, and competition shooting. Both Sue and I are in reasonably good health (neither of us wear diapers!) and we enjoy being outdoors (not a diaper wearing semi shut-in), taking advantage of the spring, summer, and early fall western NC weather.