Threats and racial slurs continue

Terry S Isenhour WA4OPO of Lincolnton, NC, who was recently convicted in a Lincoln County Court of shooting into his neighbors home (shotgun), has once again began using racial slurs, and just threatened to actually shoot the occupant of that same dwelling, on-air this morning. He referenced going to the Catawba Valley Wildlife Club’s Pistol Range (for practice), because he feels his neighbors may begin putting pressure on him.

This nut needs to be medicated, and put away.

There is a reason

that the family of SK K4EDK didn’t want Dumb and Dumber at the estate liquidation.

Even though I departed 1.926mHz over a year ago, due to the racist rants of Dumb and Dumber, I got the email notification concerning the estate liquidation, but Dumb and Dumber didn’t.

Speaks volumes doesn’t it?

Dumb and Dumber

of 1.926mHz still don’t get it.

Even after being confronted on-air about their comments, the racist comments continue.

No doubt about it. This mindset was taught to these scumbags during their upbringing.

Some of ‘them’ are bad, and some of ‘them’ are good.

Racist and hatred on 1.926mHz

Received an interesting phone call this morning from a fellow amateur…..The racist and hateful comments from a couple of scumbag hams in the early morning hours on 1.926mHz apparently continue. And they can’t figure out why others quit showing up. Both claim to be “Christians”, however both are full of hatred toward other races. Especially the black race. Avoid this frequency like the plague. Right or wrong, you will be judged by the company you keep. I left that frequency over a year ago, when both of these scumbags revealed themselves for who they actually are. Racist pieces of (fill in the blank)..