New poll

Several subscribers have emailed me stating that the term Doofus and Gooberhead is missing the mark describing that idiot in Dallas.

Therefore in the name of democracy I’ll create a poll, and allow my subs to determine which moniker best fits the idiot. Simply drop me an email with your choice of.

A. The Dallas Doofus
B. The Gaston Gooberhead
C. The Dallas Dumbass.

Results to be announced here, this Friday.

Remember. This is the idiot, that according to Wash and Polish, hocked his house with a reverse mortgage loan, so he could give a false impression to others of his financial status. Yes folks. He’s not the brightest bulb in the pack, so choose wisely.

2023 HD Rumors

HD is closing. LOL. No HD isn’t closing. Same shit every year from the HD haters.

Sportster EVO axed. Yes. Revolution engine to be in all 2023 Sportsters.

A 975cc Pan America to be produced. Yes.

HD is shutting down some dealerships. Yes. In some cities with multiple dealerships, some may close.

HD is moving all production off shore. False. As with most vehicle manufacturers parts are sourced world wide.

The Dallas Doofus aka The Gaston Gooberhead will be riding a HD in 2023. False. However Marsha could buy him one of these.