Stopped by and took some photos of the RC Aircraft. Had a blast! Very friendly folks, felt right at home. They are located at 5621 Rink Dam Rd, Taylorsville, NC, 28681-6713 ( 35.835146, -81.23274 ). They let my grandson fly one of their trainers. He loved it.

Sue and I shot over 3k photos in 2.5 hrs. She was on the Canon 90D with a Canon 70-300mm lens, and I was on my trusty Canon 80D with a Sigma 150-600mm lens. Did have to battle the sun quite a bit, however did manage to get some really good shots. Here is a small sample.

Convicted felon (firearms conviction) allowed membership at Catawba Valley Wildlife Club?

Say it ain’t so!!!!!!!!

If true (from what I’ve personally heard stated on amateur radio and by audio recordings, it is) and knowing many of the members there, I’ll go out on a limb here and say his days of being a member there are numbered.

Apparently the member in question has been in an ongoing dispute with a neighbor, and the member in question fired a shot that entered into his neighbors home causing property damage. The member in question stated (over amateur radio) that he was convicted (in Lincoln County, NC) of a felony, was fined, was placed on probation, will have to surrender his Lincoln County issued conceal carry permit, must provide a list of his firearms to the authorities, and is barred from using a firearm on his own property.

More information to come as it becomes available.