Amazon Prime Membership

Still worth it? No longer too me!

One of the main reasons I’ve been a Amazon Prime member for several years, was for access to the Amazon music feature. Until recently, the Amazon music feature included with the standard Amazon Prime membership, allowed downloading of music directly to ones smartphone. However that has now changed. This feature has been butchered, and now only allows streaming of music. In other words, without a Internet connection to ones smartphone, this feature no longer works as it once did. That’s probably fine and dandy for the majority of Amazon Prime members, but not for us. When we ride the motorcycles, we are usually in a remote area, that has no cell coverage. No cell coverage, no music into our Bluetooth helmets.

As for Free Shipping. Typically any order over $25.00 still has Free Shipping, with or without a Amazon Prime membership. All of our orders are always over $25.00, so why keep paying for something that has zero benefit to us?


Right or wrong

you WILL be judged by the company you keep. The same goes for the crowd you hang with on-air.

There are a handful of frequencies on HF, that I want absolutely nothing to do with. Whether it be LIDS, idiot ops, and/or racist. I will absolutely avoid those frequencies. There is NOTHING to gain when it becomes known to others those are the frequencies you operate on. Lay with dogs. Get fleas.

Meet Ms. “I’m going sue you”!

Taking photographs and video of things and people (including children) that are plainly visible in public spaces is a constitutional right. Unfortunately many people are ignorant of our rights, as I’ve had law enforcement called with complaints of my practice of Street Photography several times. However I know my rights, and once law enforcement discovered that I knew my rights, they quickly backed off, as it didn’t work out well for law (feelings) enforcement or the complainant.

I never go up to someone and place my camera in their face. Just not my style of Street Photography. However it never ceases to amaze me how certain people will voluntary engage someone with a camera, barking orders of “do not photograph me”, when in public view. I find that as a challenge, and too those that know me personally, know that I love a challenge, and will not back down when exercising my right of public photography.

The reality is, I would have never photographed this person if they would have just kept walking on by with her husband/man friend. She was of no interest too me,until she said that I was not allowed to take her photograph.Allowed?? Big mistake.

She began barking, “I’m going to sue you” if you take my photograph, without a ‘waiver’ from me, giving you MY PERMISSION. I laughed at her, and her ignorance, and took several photographs of her, while she continued barking at me. I then ‘waved’ and said ‘here’s your waiver’. She was nothing more than misinformed, ignorant of our rights person, who is possibly under the impression that she is ‘special’, or maybe ‘royalty’ and has been granted special privileged privacy rights while in public. She is neither too me.

Well, here ya go lady…… Sue me………….. It’s not difficult to find me, but here is a hint. Look-up my amateur radio call-sign at the FCC database. All the info you need to ‘sue’ me is right there.